We provide drug screening solutions of the very highest order. We'll work with you from the start to understand your exact requirements and will continuosly work with your needs, such as onsite and 24 hours service.  

Legal DNA Test – Court-Admissible — Notarized for legally binding, official purposes# Non-Legal, Private DNA Test — Private, for your knowledge only. Same quality as legal, not notarized.

We also offer other usefull job related services: Criminal Backgrounds, MVR Searches, Supervisor Training, and Collector Proficiency Training.


Client Testimonials

Sarah Johnson


Around the clock service

"When you need us wherever you need us we'll send one of our trained techs to provide onsite immmediate testing."

DOT Consortium
DOT Consortium

Drug Free Workplace

"We work hand in hand with our customers to provide a drug free workplace"

Random Pools

Truly Random Pools

"We use a random three method pool based on three completely seperate generator methodologies used from random.org"